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For fast, friendly, reliable service, give Aarksman a call.

We pride our selves on the service we provide. Our belief is technology is for all and everyone has the skills to to fix things when they go wrong.

We want to break the myths surrounding computing and technology by advising:
  • Aarksman System SolutionsYou can fix it yourself with our help
  • You can understand how a PC fits together
  • 80% of home users don't need the best PC on the market only to see it become out of date as soon as they buy it
  • Your old PC can be upgraded to suit your needs
  • If your PC is really that old, then you can consider a recycled or refurbished machine, cheaper for you & helping the environment
  • If you are a serious PC user and want the best there is, we can advise, supply and even help you put it all together
  • We can just fix your machine to your requirements
  • Provide a new PC to your specifications
  • Train you on how to get the best out of your PC and software
  • We provide advise on what to buy, even if you don't buy it from us !
We also provide:
  • WEEE Recycling Services
  • System Replacement or Upgrades
  • Training Services
  • Project Management Services
  • End to End System Implementation
  • Complete Business & IT Suite Installations
  • Disaster Recovery Consultation
  • Business Continuity Planning
Let us take the strain and demystify the world of technology with you.

Contact our team on 0771 326 6540 or drop us an email at